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Riding a mountainbike has always been an act of defiance. Going against the grain, interpreting a new way of enjoying both the outdoors and two wheeled adventure. What was initially an escape from the urban confines many of us find ourselves trapped in from 9 to 5 has become a way of life. The recent events have given us an opportunity to reflect upon just how important those moments on the trails are. Lockdown, quarantine and social distancing have all weighed heavily on our souls but made us value even more the freedom the monutain bike affords us all. The stress of work, traffic, taxes and life in general lives at your house but you come to life on the trail. Get busy living, get ready to live #theescape with @LeeCougan

Leave your worries behind and find your nowhere as you escape the daily grind. No matter how you choose to find it, we have the perfect solution for you. A complete range of finely built performance off-road platforms made to make your every escape all the more memorable.

The full potential of the engineering staff is evident in the all new, full suspension Crossfire model which becomes not only more race ready but also somewhat of a trailblazer thanks to innovative solutions throughout. To render the bike more agile, reactive and efficient the Crossfire adopts the shortest chainstays available on the markete. The resulting performance gain is impressive and renders the bike extremely competitive in even the most demanding scenarios.

Starting from 3.970,00 €

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The newest version of the race-proven and rider-approved Lee Cougan hardtail stands on the shoulders of a longstanding tradition of front suspension cross country solutions. In a segment where lightweight construction is often times takes precedence the Lee Cougan engineers strive to make a feather weight frame that is efficient and durable in order to stand out amongst the competition. An extremely race oriented design made for a frame with little room for compromise and only modifications that were capable of bringing forth a significant improvement in the riding experience.

Starting from 3.390,00 €

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Take to the competitive trails atop the fastest aluminum hardtail ever made under the Lee Cougan brand. Ultra performance inspired geometry matches with fine construction methods and serious componentry to make for a race-ready companion built to take your further, faster. Made for competition, made to race, made for REVENGE.

1.399,00 €

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If Enduro is the most rock and roll of all MTB disciplines then the Quest is your best ally for rolling over the rockiest terrain, faster and more efficiently than the rest. The extremely sturdy yet extremely performance oriented alloy frame is designed to take on the rough stuff and do so at speed. Made from the finest aluminum alloy available, hand selected for its strength to weight ratio, and with 160mm of travel both front and rear and a 65.5° head tube angle the Quest is a machine designed to perform equally well in agressive enduro trails as well as in bike parks.

Starting from 2.370,00 €

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The Quest E takes the extreme MTB performance know how and electrifies it. With performance geometry and a compact stance the E-MTB from Lee Cougan is a snappy climber and an agile descender. An upright seat tube angle and versatile design make for a solid pedaling platform tha adapts equally to both mixed, technical trails and longer distance riding as well. True to its enduro bike DNA the Quest-E uses 160mm travel both front and rear and is capable of taking on any terrain you are brave enough adventure through.

Starting from 4.490,00 €

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This hardtail e-bike allows you to climb and ride with more comfort and ease for an extended time. Now you can go anywhere with the Rev-E, thanks to the Brose S Mag engine with built-in 630 battery, assistance levels that can be managed with a touch and three sizes available to be suitable for all riders.

Starting from 3.320,00 €

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