Pure racing DNA takes fast to faster

The newest version of the race-proven and rider-approved Lee Cougan hardtail stands on the shoulders of a longstanding tradition of front suspension cross country solutions. Making a fast frame faster in the case of the Rampage, universally lauded by nearly all those with experience riding or racing atop it, made for a difficult task indeed.

Internal Cable Routing system

While the new version of the Rampage is visibily different the elements not visible by the naked eye represent perhaps some of the most significant advancements. While new shapes give a visual impact it is the absence of visibile cables that make this newest model somewhat disruptive. An oversized steer tube in addition to a specifically studied stem allow for the Rampage to route cables not only internally with regards to the frame but to hide them from sight by passing through the stem.

Three bolt system clamp

Excruciating attention to detail is evident as every aspect of the entire frame was considered during the comprehensive Rampage redesign. The overall geometry sees an increased sloping design in order to allow for even the largest frame sizes to benefit from a shorter chain stay and its resulting compact geometry. Even the seatpost collar incorporates a great deal of new technology as it uses an advanced three bolt system that renders the seatpost and seat tube a semi complete unit, offering a feel and performance similar to an integrated design.

“elbow” design

The rear triangle gets a similar treatment to the new 2020 Crossfire, adopting the short 428mm chainstay design in order to keep the bikes handling snappy, reactive and more efficient. Gone is the fixed pivot design of the seat stay and in its place the new “elbow” design. By changing the seat stay angle and lengthenin the tube beyond the wheel axle, effectively locating the wheel inside the chain stay, vertical flex is increased. Add a flatter geometry to the seat tubes and seat stays in addition to tire clearance that allows for up to 2,25” tires and you have a front suspension racehorse that begs for rough conditions.

oversized downtube

The vertically compliant tubes of the upper portion of the frame mate with laterally stiff and efficient down tubes and chain stays in order to ensure inmediate response to pedal input and extremely efficient power transfer. The oversized downtube takes on a meticulously studied shape that, coupled with the oversize bottom bracket area and shorter, stiff chain stays makes for a structure capable of converting even the highest wattage pedal stroke into efficient forward movement.

Lee Cougan’s Air Technology

Rampage model takes advantage of Lee Cougan’s Air Technology, a carbon molding technique that uses extremely high pressure in the modling phase to eliminate imperfections casued by trapped air in addition to blending the 1k, 3k and unidirectional carbon fiber in a manner that makes for a more compact overall structure. The result: stronger, more reliable carbon frames that weigh less than comparable frames that use more traditional construction methods.






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