Lee Cougan Quest-e Factory Racing is the first electric-assist enduro mountain bike that offers the same sensations as a classic enduro mountain bike. Same handling style, same emotions and the same endless fun. The nearly silent Brose engine will make you forget you are riding an ebike, and the racing geometry of the frame will allow you to take on even the most technical terrain without hesitation.


Equipped with a Fox Kashima fork and rear suspension in addition to 4-piston Magura brakes the Quest-E boasts some of the best components on the market. The Quest-e Factory is ready to compete and become the protagonist over any and all terrain. The super sturdy tires with an extra soft compound are made for competition, further highlighting this particular bike as more than a simple e-mtb but rather a machine built for performance.


Designed with the future in mind, our Quest-e Factory comes standard with a new Bluetooth control unit that allows you to manage the four levels of assistance via smartphone through the appropriate App. It’s also possible to view the GPS track with the same app, in order to have all the information and the correct setting available at your fingertips.


Removable 630 W/h battery for long life and long lasting performance. No limits to your workouts or longer rides, as instantaneous power adjustable with a touch is at your disposal for hours at a time. Long lasting battery but also a powerful motor that produces 90 Nm of torque, one of the highest values of the ebike scene. Powerful yes but designed in a way to ensure an extremely fluid power delivery. The 29 ”wheels allow you to tackle the more technical terrain with greater safety and confidence.


The Quest-E's extremely low center of gravity makes for an agile, nimble , and responsive handling. Lower center of gravity makes for better curving, bringing maneuverability benefits to all types of riding and riding scenarios. Lee Cougan Quest-e Factory Racing. Charge, Have Fun, Repeat.



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31020 San Zenone d. Ezz. (TV) - Italy


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