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About Us

It is thanks to people like Mr. Lee that cycling has been evolving more in the last 10 years than in its whole history.

It all started a long time ago, in 1977 in Evanston, Illinois. Who could have imagined where the love for cycling would have carried the Lee Cougan name.Innovative materials, new solutions for stability, lightness and durability, has brought the bicycle world into the "Olympus" of high tech sports.
We have come light years away from the "black colour only" commuters bikes that can still be seen in some pictures from far-away countries.Dream machines like the Lee Cougan range of bicycles are the products ofexperience accumulated in years of work.We build mountain bikes 26” and 29” wheels, fully or front suspended, we build road bikes and commuter bikes, and for the champions of the future we offer a full range of dedicated fun bikes.

Our work has been carried out with a passion and a full time immersion in this wonderful sport that keeps in shape body and mind. Perfectly tuned bikes are made available not only to the top riders in the competition world, but also to cycling enthusiasts, and to adventurous people that finds in this ecological vehicle their perfect companion. Come join the exciting world of Lee Cougan.

Come and live the adventure. #rideliverepeat

Lee Cougan, since 1977, from Evanston, Illinois, USA.

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