Friday June 10, 2016
“LA LEYENDA DE EL DORADO” is Diego Arias Cuervo’s new adventure.

After winning for the 4th time the Rampignado International Marathon, Diego Arias is taking off to a new adventure in Colombia. The “La Leyenda de El Dorado" is a 7 day stage race, with 17000 m total climbs, taking place from the 31st of July to the 6th of August.

Diego Arias will race in team with his friend and compatriot Leonardo Paez: "When Leo called me and asked to join him in this race - said Diego - I immediately liked the idea. My team, as well as my sponsor Lee Cougan, where also enthusiast about it.

Leo and I are good friends and often train together. We have very good feelings and I am sure we will have a great race.

We will wear the same colours jersey which is a combination of colors from both our teams. Our team's name is 'Orgullo de Boyaca'. BOYACA is the region where Leo and I where born.

I sure look forward to racing with my friend Leo, with my region name on the jersey and of course my inseperabile Rampage Air”.

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